Kellie Chin is a 
     at Workshop

M. Arch, OAA

Kellie is an architect who is committed to promoting social responsibility and invigorating local communities through design.  

Among other things, this means using sustainable design principles — from working with renewable systems, to adaptive reuse of materials — and lessening the effects of discrimination within various communities.
bubblelung in construction testing bubblelung

She is responsible for setting our studio’s technical standards, and her project work has included managing the Islington Senior’s Shelter project for the City of Toronto and collaborating on the design for the art installation bubblelung.

Kellie is interested in housing equity, she contributed to our “Extra Special” housing design, now published in the book House Divided. She and another colleague received the RAIC Foundation Bursary to research the connection between health and housing, an independent project published by Spacing.

Before she joined our team in 2018, Kellie led a number of residential, commercial and civic projects. She also volunteers her time as a studio critic and through various speaking engagements.

st. lucia focus group
Facilitating a Focus Group on school design with students in St. Lucia 

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