Seneca Marketing Agency

We were tasked to design a creative studio space for Seneca College’s School of Marketing to convey the spirit of a professional marketing agency’s studio.

The marketing agency provides students an opportunity to put theory into practice by working directly with clients on marketing and media projects so they’ll be industry ready upon graduation.

The clients wanted an active learning classroom with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment that could transform into an event and gallery space.

The room has a range of surfaces to balance acoustic properties with functional surfaces writeable walls, pinboards and white screens.

“It was a challenge to fit all the program requirements in the tight existing space, so our solution was to keep the space open but easy to rearrange for different functions.”

— Elaine Chau
Through a naming competition, staff and students voted for the name Studio 67 – after the year 1967 when Seneca College was founded.

We incorporated the name into a backlit blade sign visible down the corridor.

Colour was used  to  add visual interest and to break up the space into different zones and functions.
To provide a multi-purpose space with function and flexibility, we selected sliding walls and furniture that could be reconfigured for different tasks and lessons.

The storefront slideS open for events to spill into the hallway.

Client: Seneca College
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Date: 2022
Team: Elaine Chau  

photos by WORKSHOP
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