Grand Erie Kindergartens

Photo of new kindergarten boot room at Princess Elizabeth School

In 2010, the Ontario government switched the province’s kindergarten program from a half day to a full day. Schoolroom capacity had to be quickly doubled. 

The Grand Erie District School Board hired us to renovate and expand eight existing kindergarten spaces in and around Brantford.

The Cedarland Public School kindergarten has a bright green façade and a sunny, white interior, that acts as a backdrop to focus attention on the colourful teaching aids found in a kindergarten. A variety of open and more intimate spaces — like the yellow reading nook —  allow for individual or group learning. 

Photo of new Cedarland Kindergarten room with reading nook in foreground

Photo of Mount Pleasant School classroom interior
At Greenbrier Public School, we realized that rather than building another room onto the end of the school, by dividing the existing classroom in two and adding more space to each side, we could create two “new” classrooms instead of one, on the same budget and without blocking the windows of the original room.

We expanded on this approach at Mount Pleasant Public School.
Detail photo of Mount Pleasant School addition tile and glass facade

The addition we built for Princess Elizabeth Public School was positioned to connect two wings of the school and to enclose a new courtyard play space.  

The outdoor "room" was carved from a hidden corner of the school grounds. It was extra to the original project scope but still fit into the project’s modest budget


Interior photo of Princess Elizabeth School's new kindergarten classroom

Exterior photo of Princess Elizabeth classroom infill addition facade

Plan of Princess Elizabeth School locating kindergarten addition and new courtyard
Photo of poor existing site condition before courtyard constructionsite condition BEFORE

Photo of poor existing fenced in kindergarten play space before courtyard constructionplayspace BEFORE
Photo of new courtyard at Princess Elizabeth School

"The courtyard provides a bonus space that we would not have otherwise had. The entire school benefits from this exciting, bright, cheerful space which sets a positive tone for a wider school revitalization."

— Principal, Princess Elizabeth Public School

Exterior photo of Cedarland School's daycare addition

Client: Grand Erie District School Board
Location: Brantford, Mount Pleasant, Oneida and Paris, Ontario
Date: 2011 to 2013
Team: David Colussi, Thomas Petch, Leah Scherk, and Helena Grdadolnik

photos by Scott Norsworthy
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